2015 Spring Countryside Artisan Tour

Spring Studio Tour - April 17, 18, and 19th, 2015     Hours:  10 AM to 5 PM

Ask the woodworkers.  Visit with us at our studio and showroom at 27421 Clarksburg Rd., Damascus, Maryland.  Follow the self-guided tour through the northern Montgomery County Maryland countryside to visit other accomplished artisans in their studios.

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2015 Spring Shows

2015 American Craft Council Show, Baltimore MD  -  February 18-22, 2015

Montgomery County Community Spring Home Show, Rockville, MD  - February 2015

Maryland Home & Garden Show, Timonium, MD  - February - March, 2015

Howard County House & Home Expo, Clarksville, MD  -  March, 2015


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Kitchen Crashers on DIY Channel: "Sick" (In a Good Way) Paris Kitchen

Kitchen Crashers Season 6, Episode DKCR-613H, Aired on August 18, 2014

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Alison Victoria to fabricate and deliver to Chicago the custom live edge walnut dining table presented to the homeowners in the  " . . .Paris Kitchen" episode of Kitchen Crashers.   A live edge walnut countertop and backsplash for a dry-bar was fabricated and installed by us during the filming to compliment the table. 


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Hotel Impossible on Travel Channel - Floridian Hotel

Hotel Impossible on Travel Channel - Floridian Hotel

Last month we went to Homestead Florida to help Anthony Melchiorri and Alison Victoria renovate the Floridian Hotel for an episode of Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel.  We got to install the front lobby desk, which was the focal point of the lobby and it was an awesome experience.

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Hardwood Flooring

Have you ever wondered the steps that go into something as small as a piece of your hardwood floor? I see trees ...that are fallen all the time, and I see fire wood, not hard wood flooring.  What are the steps that we go through to make a hardwood floor, glad you asked. Buckle up, here we go.

The first step before you consider using your own wood is figuring how much lumber you will actually need.  You will not be able to use the whole tree for just hardwood. I would say you would have 50-65% waste from each tree that you select to use.  Once the trees have been sawn to the thickness (around one inch) they will air dry for a number of months, depending on the season that you decide to cut the wood, anywhere between 4-6 months outside to air-dry.

Once the wood has air-dried and the moisture content of the wood is around where desired for your home it goes in a kiln for anywhere form 10-21 days depending on the moisture content. Once the lumber is done kiln drying, it will be taken over to the mill where we cut them to your specifications.

The mill is where your customization can really come into play by selecting different sizes than just your standard cut of hardwood floors, maybe 4-6 inch planks, or longer than standard planks.

The overall process from start to finish to complete hardwood floors can be anywhere from 8-11 months. If you have further questions or would like an estimate for you own hardwood floors, please fill out the inquiry card on the website or call 301-414-0080 and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

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S&L Logo

March 2-3 and 8-10, 2013
Maryland State Fairgrounds
Timonium, MD
Please visit us at the Maryland Home and Garden Show. Below we have a short video that will give you a flavor of what you will see at the show.  We have also supplied a link to the $2 discount coupon that you can print and bring to the show.
01 MHGS Show Trailer final
MHGS Show Trailer
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here is a $2 off coupon for the MD home and garden show.  Remember, we will be on the craft side this year, not the home show side.

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Upcoming shows

Upcoming shows

We have been busy at the shop the past couple months.  We are preparring for a big expansion with a new showroom in the next couple months, followed by a new (bigger) shop later this year.  Also on the slate is to turn our large barn into a massive solar kiln to dry our slabs and lumber.  

We have also still been cutting a lot of slabs, and will be updating the website shortly with all of our kiln dried slabs and lumber that are ready for sale.  We are currently designing and building several beautiful slab tables for our clients. Once complete, we will be displaying them on the website as well.








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Winter 2012 Countryside Artisan tour

Just ended the winter Countryside Artisans tour and once again old and new friends participated.  We appreciate all of the attendance we received from our community.  Christmas was in the air and good cheer all around.  Hot cider, baked goods and wine were shared as we talked about families, friends and art.



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Custom live edge dining room table

Custom live edge dining room table

Custom live edge dining room table

We just finished a 9’x4’ figured maple live-edge maple slab table for a wonderful couple, Eric and Laura, which was to be placed in their home overlooking the lake.

Everything dovetailed on this project. The clients were great, supplying pertinent information as to what they wanted.  Constructing the table itself went without a hitch.  And the placement in their home couldn’t have been more beautiful.  (okay woodworkers—who noticed how I worked in the term “dovetailed” lol)?

The legs were constructed with live-edge solid curly walnut.

Enjoy the pictures. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.

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Fall 2012 Countryside Artisans tour

As you know, we are members of Countryside Artisans, a group of professional artists in upper Montgomery County.  We host three free self-guided tours a year, in the spring, fall and winter.

For more information on participating artists and other details, visit us at www.countrysideartisans.com

We particularly like this tour as it allows us plenty of time to interact with people interested in the arts and craft movement.

We just finished our October tour and it was a great success.  A wonderful mix of new and returning guests provided plenty of laughs and deepening friendships. Could the wine have had something to do with this?

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Summer 2012 Frederick Festival Show

We just finished the annual Frederick Festival of the Arts, held along the picturesque Carroll Creek in downtown Frederick, Md. We’ve been doing this show for years and it was wonderful to be back.

We opted for the larger 10’x20’ booth this year so we could show more of our larger pieces, including slab tables, cabinetry and sculptures. We think we’re on to something with the larger booth as this was our most successful show to date.

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“Thanks so much for slabbing this amazing maple.  You guys have been a

pleasure to work with.  - T. Rementer”